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"Rachel supported us as parents and helped our son to become a confident,

fluent speaker"

"You have helped me more than I could ever have expected"

"Positive  and            encouraging"


​​Communication is an essential skill for all of us but it is also the most complex skill that children learn in their early years.  Some children experience difficulties when they are learning to talk and they need support to become confident communicators.


Every child that I work with is unique. Getting to know you and your child is always the first step in helping them to progress. The best results from Speech and Language Therapy happen when we combine our expertise. You know your child best and I have skills and experience in supporting speech and language development.  When we plan therapy around your child's interests it becomes fun and rewarding for all.


I have 29 years experience working as a Children's Speech and Language Therapist. During my career, I have supported thousands of children and families to help children reach their potential.  


I have worked in Mid Sussex for many years and as a result, I have well-established links with many pre-schools, schools and the NHS Speech and Language Therapy Team.


As a parent myself I understand the demands of family life.  Finding practical ways for you to develop your child's speech and language skills, that fit in with everyday life, is central to the way I will support you.


If you would like to find out more about the services I offer and whether this would be suitable for you and your child please feel free to contact me.  I would be very happy to discuss the concerns you have about your child's speech and language, with no obligation for you to book an appointment.

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