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Are you using Generative AI in your work as an SLT?

Imagine having assistants at your fingertips who instantly create engaging resources, distill the essence of complex research, draft your letters, whip up eye-catching leaflets, and conjure up that perfect image you’ve been searching for on Google for hours...

AI created image of woman and robot walking towards sunset

In fact, you already do - and they’re right here waiting for you. Dive into the world of generative AI and discover how these tools can simplify your workload and ignite your creativity...

"ChatGPT, I've written some content for my website, can you help me improve it?"


"Gemini, write me a story about princesses and dragons with an amazing twist at the end!"

Gemini AI

"Copilot, create an image of a meercat eating doughnuts on a speedboat"

Copilot AI
Claude AI

"Perplexity, find me research and information about the double empathy problem"

Perplexity AI

"Claude, write me a leaflet about word finding strategies that's accessible for adults who have DLD"

My AI Journey

Having worked as a Speech and Language Therapist in the UK for nearly 30 years I have lived through many changes and adapted as technology has advanced. Initially the idea of generative AI was concerning and I worried that that it would be difficult to learn. However, once I took the plunge the benefits became clear. Over the past year, I've delved into its capabilities and am still amazed daily by the ways it enhances my clinical practice, streamlines administrative tasks, and expands my professional knowledge.

Rachel Barton Speech and Language Therapist AI

Using Generative AI in SLT Workshop

In my workshops, I share valuable insights and offer a platform for Speech and Language Therapists to discover how innovative technologies like ChatGPT, Copilot, and many more can be creatively and ethically integrated into clinical practice. This exploration aims to revolutionise our work, enabling more meaningful time with clients, the creation of highly personalised therapy sessions, and keeping us updated with the latest research - all while helping maintain a healthier work-life balance. As SLTs, your deep understanding of language processing uniquely positions you to easily grasp large language models. I promise, navigating this technology will feel intuitive and rewarding!


Click below to book a place or feel free to get in touch if you have questions about the workshop. The content is relevant for any area of Speech and Language Therapy. All timings are British Summer Time.

Using Generative AI in SLT leaflet
Using Generative AI in SLT leaflet

ChatGPT 4 can create beautiful images like this one

Enchanted Forest.png

I asked it to write me questions using Marion Blank's (1978) levels of questioning, here's what it wrote:

Level 1: Direct Recall

1. What animals can you see looking at the storybook?

2. What is the storybook resting on?

Level 2: Simple Inferencing

3. Why do you think the animals are interested in the storybook?

4. What kind of stories do you think are in the book?

Level 3: Reorganisation

5. If you could add a story to the book, what would it be about?

6. How do you think the storybook ended up in the forest?

Level 4: Abstract Reasoning

7. What lesson might the animals learn from the stories in the book?

8. Imagine if the book could talk. What would it say to the animals?

For more examples click on the pdf symbol here >>>>>

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